How to avoid tarnish on Silver, Copper, or Brass jewelry.
Easiest method is to store your jewelry in an air tight container or a tightly sealed plastic bag. Adding an anti-tarnish strip to the container helps absorb moisture and neutralize tarnish-producing gases. Anti-tarnish strips work on a variety of metals such as silver, copper, brass, bronze and gold.
After removing your jewelry wipe it clean with a soft cloth. This will remove any oils from your skin and avoid tarnishing and oxidation.
Copper and brass like silver will tarnish however, copper and brass are the easiest metals to clean and takes no special chemicals to do so. How to clean copper will provide you with some solutions to use.
Copper and brass tarnishes beautifully, adding a rich color. Some people adore the natural earthy tarnish both copper or brass develops. They allow their jewelry to tarnish until it achieves their favorite tones then apply a thin coat of car wax to maintain the tarnish.